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Summary Of National Investigations

The Crash Of A Presidential Helicopter, May 19, 1993 

Presidential Helicopter Crash G. Gordon Liddy Show, Washington D.C.
“Pertaining to the presidential helicopter investigation,
Frank Owens did a meticulous investigation”

Crash Cover-Up: Saint Mary’s Today, May 3, 1994.
Seeking Answers Looking For Clues: Indian Head Ledger, February 1, 1995.
Crash cause still mystery to brother: Indian Head Ledger, February 8, 1995.

Searching For Answers: Washington Post, October 26, 1995.

Star-Wars Fratricide-Frank Owens Investigates Secret Weapon Suspected
In Crash Of President Clinton’s Chopper:

Soldier Of Fortune, November 1996.

Tragedy At Nanimoy, Published By: Frank Owens for Directed Energy Weapons Research, November-December 1996

Witness to Helicopter Crash Determined To Find Answers:
Maryland Independent, May 4,1994

MSNBC  Nov. 4 — Patsy Ramsey has been telling people that she believes she knows who killed her daughter, JonBenet. According to a source who spoke with the mother of the murdered child beauty queen, Patsy has been pointing a finger at Janet McReynolds, the wife of Bill McReynolds, the Ramseys’ former neighbor who played Santa to the Ramseys several days before JonBenet’s death.

The Ramseys have pledged to find the real killer.

ALTHOUGH THE McReynolds have been under investigation by police,
suspicion in the case has focused on the Ramseys, particularly Patsy, though a
grand jury recently failed to indict anyone. The Ramseys have pledged to find
the “real killer” and have hired private investigator Frank Owens, whose
credentials, according to the Associated Press, include investigations into the
the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the search for Noah’s ark.

Owens cagily confirmed that Patsy Ramsey suspects Janet McReynolds.
Owens pointed to the bizarre fact that in 1976 Janet McReynolds wrote a play
about the sexual assault and murder of a girl found in a basement. Owens denies that Patsy Ramsey’s accusations are an effort to shift the suspicion away from her.
“The speculation that Patsy Ramsey has — I can tell you that I would
support that,” he said. “I began to get certain communications through my
systems that confirms that.” He refused, however, to elaborate. “I don’t want
certain individuals to know what we have on this.”


“A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.”–Doug Larson


Television Coverage
Blackbird: Co-authored by Frank Owens.
A two year investigation into the crash of  presidential helicopter,
April 15, 1995.
EMP Testing (National Airport):
ABC, WJLA TV I-Team Del Waters and Frank Owens, 2-4, May 1994.

Ray Gun Unsolved Mysteries By Frank Owens, February 14, 1997


John Miranda killed in Hostage Standoff – Girlfriend Sherry Holmes Missing
A Mother’s Nightmare, Hawaiian Intrigue Which Lead To Boyfriend’s Rampage.
Investigator Frank Owens Takes Case, Maryland Independent. February 21, 1996.
Congresswoman Mink Suggests HPD Dragged Their Feet,
Honolulu Advertiser, May 28, 1996

Efforts continue to locate missing woman in Hawaii, Maryland Independent.
Charles County Private Eye nudge cops in Hawaii to solve murder of Waldorf woman, Maryland Independent
Shamus: (Frank Owens ) Police erred in search for Holmes – Honolulu Star Bulletin, March 7, 1996
Murder in Hawaii ( National television coverage Dateline August 1996 )

Spy Ring at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, ABC New Media, WJLA-TV Washington, D.C. July 24,1997

Investigator Frank Owens uncovers secrets being sold to China: Nuclear codes; Iraq: Range of SCUD missiles

Uncovered Dangers of Secret Weapons that Endangered Flights at National Airport May 2, 1997

Currently Investigating The Crash Of TWA Flight 800 With associate Chris Fidis Of New York.  Chris Fidis and myself have publicly made statements supporting mechanical as well as new evidence pointing to to actual military involvement being very well hidden from the general public.  Chris was responsible for the breakup and capture of the cyber criminals which broke into the Baltimore telephone company switch facility.  Chris discovered stolen credit card information being passed via voice mail systems around the country back in 1992.  Chris has been very instrumental with the flight 800 investigation.  Fact: Long Island Newsday, NTSB, FBI, Congressman Forbes, Senator D’amato, James Kallstrom,  CNN, CBS, NBC, UPN-9, FOX-5,  ABC including Vice president Al Gore and President Clinton were all told back in July of 1996 that the cause was mechanical failure by Chris Fidis.  With new evidence since now being released, the investigation will soon come to a close.   The research Chris has done is a credit to him in my point of view.  His final report handed over to the NY FBI was responsible for the closure and CIA video rendition of what happened to TWA flight 800.
Email Chris with your comments 

The Assassination Of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown

Currently involved in the investigation of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and his supposed death aboard a 737 bound for Bosnia. This the same plane that Hillary Clinton and her daughter were on days before. What I have uncovered along with other sources is that Ron Brown was assassinated. There are speculations that his death is being very well covered up by persons in high positions within our own government. This along with the killing of JFK, King and 230 aboard TWA flight 800 share a common theme. Stay tuned to this web site.

Archeological Accounts Of My Work

Dig may unearth ultimate find (NOAH’S ARK) Maryland independent, April 26, 1985.
Fugitive’s camp discovered, following booth’s flight times crescent April, 16, 1980.
Mining a new trove of civil war relics – Baltimore Sun ( Sun Magazine ).
Extinct tribes burial ground is discovered – Prince George’s Star May 19, 1981.
Stone after stone he captivates – Unveils a culture – Prince George’s Journal
Tracing a vanished pow camp – Times crescent, June 18, 1983.
Area dig bares secret camp – The Journal, March 26, 1982.
German pow camp discovered in quiet of country – Times Crescent April 6, 1983.
Archeologist sculptor offers college course facial reconstruction. MD IND. August 15, 1984 

IN Memory Of TWA Flight 800 July 17, 1996

Released on July 2, 1999, “Was The Bogie A Drone? “
Please Read The News Press Release Featured below.
“Was The Bogie A Drone? “ — by Joey Maclellan Editor & Chris Fidis

***The Document and Principles which led to and were responsible for the destruction of TWA flight 800 on July 17 1996

Twa Flight 800 – Bogie was a drone ( 7/21/99 )
Twa Flight 800  – More truth tellers surface in 800 case (8/3/06 )

TWA Flight 800 Articles by Jack Cashill:

The Clinton administration was being forced to fund a costly
National Missile Defense Project which would violate the
North ABM, and Salt I & II treaties!!!
They need to re – investigate TWA Flight 800!!!
New information has surfaced in 2018 never before reviewed!
Subcommittee On Aviation

” May Many Blessings Bestowed Upon Them And May Your Health And Wealth Be Bountiful”

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